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TTC powers up Line 1 Yonge - University subway
extension to Vaughan

Yesterday, Sunday, March 26, the TTC powered up the third rail on the Line 1 Yonge-University subway extension to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre for the first time. Powering the line allows the TTC to test the automatic train control system and operate trial runs of trains along the line. Over the coming months, the TTC will test the power along the entire line extension or in parts as necessary.

The TTC started testing and commissioning various systems including ventilation, public address, radio communications, escalators, elevators, lighting and fire alarms began several months ago, and will continue these processes until opening day later this year.

For safety purposes, the TTC is now restricting track-level access to authorized personnel only.

Bay Area Transportation Forum, March 31

The City of Hamilton and the City of Burlington are hosting the 2017 Bay Area Transportation Forum, Friday March 31 from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

The forum is an interactive series of presentations and workshops that explore ways to create connected and integrated communities. While the focus will be on Hamilton and Burlington, the event will also provide a broader view on sustainable mobility and transit through the presentations and workshops.

Event organizers consulted with past forum attendees and stakeholder groups to develop five key themes for the event:

  • Better transportation connectivity between Burlington and Hamilton
  • Transportation Demand Management (TDM) and network design
  • Reprioritizing streets for active transportation, transit and health
  • Building ridership, accessibility and inclusivity in transportation.

Industry leaders will present perspectives, research and emerging issues on these themes, which the organizers hope, will lead to tangible outcomes that the Cities of Hamilton and Burlington can use in their future planning and infrastructure development.

The list of speakers includes:

  • Mayor Fred Eisenberger, City of Hamilton;
  • Mayor Rick Goldring, City of Burlington;
  • Chris Murray, City Manager, City of Hamilton;
  • Mary Lou Tanner, City of Burlington;
  • Paul Johnson, Director of LRT Project Co-ordination, City of Hamilton;
  • Becky Upfold, Manager of Smart Commute, Metrolinx;
  • Vito Tolone, Director of Transportation Services, City of Burlington;
  • Barbara Grey, General Manager, Transportation Services, City of Toronto; and
  • Johan Diepens, CEO and Founder of Mobycon, the Netherlands.

The event takes place in the Art Gallery of Hamilton, 123 King Street West.

You must buy tickets to attend. You can learn more about buying tickets, here.

YRT upgrading Richmond Hill Centre terminal, starting March 27

Richmond Hill Centre terminal.png

Starting Monday, March 27, York Region Transit is building a new customer service kiosk in Richmond Hill Centre Terminal.

During the project, YRT is temporarily closing:

  • platform 7 - southbound buses operating along the 99 Yonge route pick up passengers at platform 5;
  • platform 8 - northbound buses operating along the 86 Newkirk - Red Maple and 99 Yonge routes pick up passengers at platform 6.
  • the crosswalk leading to and from the pedestrian bridge. Use the crosswalk leading to and from the GO Transit platform.

Construction continues “until fall” or until October 31.

TTC grinding and welding rail at King West / Shaw,
starting March 28

Starting the night of Tuesday, March 28, the TTC is conducting preventative and corrective rail maintenance by grinding and welding the north-to-west curve track at King Street West and Shaw Street. For this rail project, the TTC does not have to remove concrete.

TTC crews must work on this project overnight, when service levels and traffic are lighter. This work is a slow process and may require as long as two weeks of overnight work to complete. Expect noise when equipment is fully operating.

The City of Toronto will reduce traffic lanes and may prohibit turns to create a safe work zone for the crews.

The TTC is maintaining regular service along the 304 King overnight, 504 King and 514 Cherry routes during the work.

Grinding and welding the rails at King West / Shaw continues until April 9.

TTC temporarily closing Fieldway parking lot
at Islington Station, starting April 3

Starting Monday, April 3, the TTC is temporarily closing its commuter parking lot at 22 Fieldway Road, near Islington Station, as crews upgrade the lot.

While the lot is closed, crews are installing:

  • a new asphalt surface;
  • better lighting;
  • paved concrete paths;
  • landscaping; and
  • seven accessible parking stalls.

During construction, please use other commuter lots near Islington Station or nearby Kipling Station.

Construction at the Fieldway lot continues until August 31.


Donlands Station second exit / entrance:
TTC contractors start surveying, March 27

The TTC intends to build a second exit / automatic entrance to Donlands Station. After working with local residents, the TTC identified 17 / 19 Dewhurst Boulevard as the site for the new structure. The Toronto Transit Commission unanimously approved the site during its meeting of February 21.

As a first step in the planning the project, contractors are surveying Donlands Station and the local area, starting Monday, March 27. TTC contractors have previously surveyed properties near Strathmore and Dewhurst Boulevards during an earlier proposal to build the second exit and this round of surveying continues that earlier work.

Surveyors are accurately measuring the area, which may require a field crew to place surveying markers at the corners of various properties and elsewhere.

The field crew consists of two staff wearing reflective vests. While surveying, the crew will try to contact building occupants directly if they need to access private property, such as backyards.

Crews may also locate and mark utilities on Dewhurst and Strathmore Boulevards and Donlands Avenue.

Surveying near Donlands Station continues until July 31.

The TTC tried to build a second exit from the station in 2010, but met with fierce local opposition after it failed to adequately consult the nearby community about its plans. Since then, it has improved its process of consulting with its neighbours about plans that may disrupt residences and businesses. It formed a local working group to help it identify potential locations for the second exit and the working group recommended the site on Dewhurst Boulevard. This site is one block west of the current station entrance / exit and bus terminal.

The TTC says that building a second exit and automatic entrance is “part of [its] commitment… to improve customer safety and convenience.”

Also according to the TTC, the “Easier Access Program makes stations accessible for everyone with the addition of new elevators.” To reduce the overall time for construction, the TTC will work on the Donlands Station Easier Access project at the same time as the second-exit project. It will build the street-to-concourse-to-eastbound-platform elevator shaft on the southwest corner of Strathmore Boulevard and Donlands Avenue, extending the main station entrance. It will build the concourse-to-westbound platform elevator shaft on the northwest corner of Strathmore Boulevard and Donlands Avenue.

"Transit Options for Scarborough":
Panel discussion, March 27

Scarborough Transit Action and Scarborough Residents Unite are hosting a panel discussion on transit options for Scarborough, this Monday, March 27.

Panelists include:

  • Councillor Paul Ainslie, councillor for Ward 43 and an advocate for light rail transit;
  • Councllor Glenn de Baermaeker, councillor for Ward 38 and an advocate for a subway;
  • Tricia Wood, urban geography professor at York University and transit columnist for Torontoist;
  • Michael Collins, researcher with the City Institute at York University and a Master in Environmental Studies concentrating on planning for sustainability and equitability in public transportation.

Moderator: Glynn Bowering, managing editor for Spacing and host of Spacing Radio.

The event takes place in Scarborough Village Recreation Centre, 3600 Kingston Road, 6:30 p.m., Monday, March 27.

Getting there by public transit:

  • Westbound TTC buses operating along the 86 Scarborough, 116 Morningside or 198 U of T Scarborough rocket routes to Eglinton Avenue East and Markham Road. Cross Eglinton East at the signal and continue walking southward along the east side of Markham to Kingston Road and the recreation centre. Or, cross Markham at the signal to the northwest corner and board a southbound bus operating along the 102 Markham Rd route.
  • Eastbound TTC buses operating along the 86 Scarborough, 116 Morningside or 198 U of T Scarborough rocket routes to Eglinton Avenue East and Markham Road. Cross Markham at the signal and continue walking southward along the east side of Markham to Kingston Road and the recreation centre. Or, cross Eglinton East at the signal to the northwest corner and board a southbound bus operating along the 102 Markham Rd route.
  • Southbound buses operating along the 102 Markham Rd route to Markham and Kingston Road. Cross Markham at the signal to the northeast corner and the recreation centre.
  • Northbound buses operating along the 102 Markham Rd route to Markham Road just north of Kingston Road, beside the recreation centre.

In the news: Saturday, March 25, 2017

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Elsewhere in the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Guelph Transit hosts public information centres,
March 27, 28, 29, 30

Guelph Transit is hosting a series of public information centres where you can review its plans to revise its routes and services this fall.

GT says, “We have created new schedules to put buses in areas in the city where they are needed, and to help keep them on schedule. We have renumbered and renamed routes to reduce confusion. We have added routes, made changes to several existing routes, added new bus stops, and removed bus stops that were not being used very often.”

GT has scheduled the events:

GT plans to start operating with its new route network Tuesday, September 3. You can review the proposals here.

Weekend events affect transit services, March 26

In Toronto, events, festivals, road races or parades occur most weekends from early April until late October, generally resulting in the City closing streets and the TTC detouring transit services.

The Greek Independence Day Parade affects Toronto transit services this weekend, while the festival (and road race!) season has already started elsewhere in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, as the Around the Bay Road Race blocks the streets of Burlington and, especially, Hamilton.